The quality control for pellets and powder is done by detecting the contaminations, colour and size and shape defects. OCS – Optical Control Systems develops automatic inspection systems for pellets and powder test, suitable for laboratory or field installation.

Pellet Analyzer, model PA66

PA66 is OCS’ pellet analyzer, based on the combination of two pellet inspection systems: PS25C for contamination detection; and PSSD for the size and shape distribution of the pellets.

The PA66 allows for the detection of contamination and impurities in opaque or transparent pellet samples. It uses a inspection technology based on digital color CCD cameras. The pellets are transported through the measurement channel with controlled speed and illumination. The images collected by the camera are further processed by a robust image processing unit, where all contaminations are classified and displayed to the user.

The analyzer reports size distribution graphs, that way the plant supervisor can evaluate the quality of the cut of the pellets, and assure a uniform size distribution of the final product.

Additionally, the PA66 can be equipped with an online spectrometer (CM2) to analyze the color of the pellets as they pass through the measurement cell installed in the hopper. The CM2 gives the measurement of the pellet´s yellowness index, and the L, a, b values for the quality control of the production. Therefore, the same equipment can automatically return results for the color, contamination, size and shape distribution of one pellet sample.

PS400C – Contamination in Pellets (Process)

For production lines, whenever there is a need to inspect and clean the production from unwanted contamination, OCS offers the PS400C. This new pellet inspection system is able to check up to 800kg/h, detecting and separating contamination from the production line. The PS400C uses a high speed conveyor belt to transport the pellets and uses two high resolution color CCD line scan cameras to inspect the pellets while they are in free fall, inspecting both sides of the pellets at the same time. When the PS400C detects any contamination, the sample flow is diverted momentarily to separate the defects from the stream of pellets.

The PS400C can inspect opaque and transparent pellets, it uses state of the art technology to avoid false contamination detections caused by shadows and reflected light. All data is accessible through a Man Machine Interface, or transmitted via Ethernet (or other industrial communication protocol) to a DCS.

The high capacity of the PS400C makes it ideal for industrial applications, such as production inspection, cleaning of contaminated silos, batch analysis of the product received prior to feeding the film extruder, inspection of customer complains, etc.

PT2C – Contaminations in Powder

The PT2C is used to inspect for contamination and impurities mixed together with powder samples. The sample is inspected with a high resolution digital camera, which identifies foreign particles, and contaminations in up to 5 different color classes and 10 user configurable size classes.

The detected contaminations are displayed individually in a mosaic, and classified in a table with regard to their size and color. The PT2C is widely used in the quality control for the petrochemical industry, whenever there is a need to inspect powder samples for contamination.