FSP600 – Web Inspection System

The web inspection system FSP600 detects, stores, and classifies optical defects in films and sheets, using state of the art lighting technology. The FSP600 is a modular system, capable of inspecting 100% of the production of films or sheets, with speeds up to 1.000m/min. The number of cameras can be designed to meet the resolution required by the customer and the total width of the inspected film/sheet.

The defects are classified according to the customized size classes and defect types, such as gels, Black specs, holes, bubbles, insects, scratches, die lines, haze changes, and other combinations. The defect images are stored for later analysis. Up to 10 defect types can be configured, with up to 10 sizes for each class.

The FSP600 uses a smart image processing software, designed with Fuzzy algorithms, capable of distinguishing between different defect types, for instance, to correctly classify a gel and a bug. The operator can further evaluate the defect images in 3-D.
• Packaging films;
• Polycarbonate (PC) sheets;
• Acrylic (PMMA) sheets;
• BOPP films;