The OP5 online rheometer was designed with an innovative method for online measurement of viscosity for polymer plants, with regard to the standards ISO1133 and ASTM D1238.
The function of the OP5 is to make certified measurements of the melt flow index (MFI) and / or polydispersity of small samples of solid polymer. With the OP5 it is possible to control the polymerization process, ensuring that the final product is made in accordance with the right formulation, meeting the product specifications. Another function of the OP5 is the quality control of the final product in silos and batch control in the laboratory.
The melt analysis is done after the solid sample is melted and conditioned to the proper test temperature. The rapid melting of the OP5 minimizes any change in the polymer structure, avoiding damage by shear, cross-contamination, degradation or other thermal degradation processes. The sample preparation removes the last traces of air or gas trapped, making it highly representative of the process.

When used in combination with a gas analyzer, for example a mass spectrometer, the OP5 can be used in techniques of Advanced Process Control (APC). During the reaction, the primary control of the molecular weight is obtained by stopping the growth of the chain with the use of a terminating agent, known as CTA (Chain Transfer Agent). The measurement of the melt flow rate and chain terminating agent (CTA) from powder and gas samples from the reactor allows fine tuning of the properties of the polymer at its source.

• Melt Flow Rate analysis from reactor
• Melt flow rate analysis of the final product / after the dryer.