Flo-Cal is a high speed online calorimeter that can operate in two basic modes: Wobbe index (standard) or calorific value when integrated with a specific gravity meter.

Easy to operate, calibrate and maintain, the Flo-Cal has more than 20 years of filed proven experience, which shows its applicability for online use.


Steel making (Coke oven and Blast Furnace)

Feed-forward control for gas mixing

Boiler and Oven Control

Principles of Operation

Sample gas and combustion air are metered and burned under closely controlled conditions. As the heating value of the sample gas changes, a constant exhaust temperature is maintained by precisely regulating the combustion air to the burner (i.e., air flow lower when heating value is higher; air flow higher when heating value is lower). These airflow variations are monitored and the intelligent pressure transmitter converts the pressure changes into the calculated output signals (4-20 mA and Modbus protocol) for the appropriate measurement range. Should the flame be extinguished due to a shortage of sample gas or combustion air, mechanical failure or electrical supply failure, a solenoid valve shuts off the sample gas supply. When all required conditions are established, the sample gas supply solenoid is opened and the burner is automatically ignited.