H2S in Liquid Analyzer

The model 205 measures H2S in non-volatile samples, such as water, crude oil, naphtha, gasoline, and diesel.
The principle of operation is based on the separation of the H2S content from a liquid sample by means of a Sample Transfer Stripper (S.T.S.) developed by ASI Keco. Na H2S free air or nitrogen carrier sweeps the H2S sample into the detection system.
The measurement of the H2S content is performed according to the ASTM approved calorimetric method, specific for H2S with lead acetate tape.


Analytical method approved by ASTM
H2S measurement in PPB, PPM up to saturation levels.
Liquid validation by Perm TubeTM.
Fast response time
Awarded ‘Preferred Vendor’ by Saudi Aramco
Extended tape life (60 to 120 days – application dependent)
Suitable for hazardous area, or safe area.