• Thermo Fisher Scientific

    “Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is the world leader in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With revenues of $13 billion, we have approximately 39,000 employees and serve customers within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, universities, research institutions and government agencies, as well as in environmental and process control industries. We create value for our key stakeholders through three premier brands, Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific and Unity™ Lab Services, which offer a unique combination of innovative technologies, convenient purchasing options and a single solution for laboratory operations management. Our products and services help our customers solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity.” (source:  

    Maxus is a representative of Thermo´s Environmental and Process Monitoring (EPM) Division for the Brazilian Iron and Steel Market; and Informatics Division offering Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

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    Maxus is a representative of Thermo´s Environmental and Process Monitoring (EPM) Division for the Brazilian Iron and Steel Market; and Informatics Division offering Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

  • Analytical Systems Intl. (ASI)

    “Analytical Systems Int’l. KECO was established in 1984 employing staff with over 40 years of analytical experience providing field proven liquid and gas phase on-line continuous process analyzers to the gas processing, pipeline, refining, chemical, offshore platforms, shipping vessels, petrochemical and water processing industries worldwide. Many ASTM methods, patents, and exclusive features are utilized with ASI analyzers.”

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  • TEL

    TEL are world-leading consultants, designers and manufacturers of airflow controls and monitors. By working closely with manufacturers of industrial fume cupboards and educational fume cupboards, laboratory companies using fume hoods and biological safety cabinets, as well as kitchen hood and local exhaust ventilation manufacturers, we have developed alarm and control systems specifically designed to meet safety legislation requirements. TEL’s airflow monitors and controls operate in laboratories across the world and are synonymous with safety, energy efficiency and cost savings.


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    Founded in 1987, Pelletron Corporation started to provide dedusting solutions to manufacturers in an array of industries including automotive, medical equipment, product design and development, plastics, textiles, and food. With its patented DeDuster®, Pelletron has helped hundreds of plastic processing companies around the world to improve their production processes by separating contaminants from virgin and recycled materials before processing. Pelletron offers unique DeDusting technologies for removal of dust and streamers. DeDusters are available in sizes 50kg/h up to 100t/h.

    Pelletron Corporation’s highly experienced Bulkmatology® team has many years of knowledge in designing and building systems that meet the unique and individual needs of customers in a variety of industries. Today, in addition to dedusting systems, Pelletron, and its network of representatives, offers a full range of pneumatic conveying products and services to customers world-wide.

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  • OCS

    Founded in 1990, OCS is the world’s leading manufacturer of high precise optical, physical, rheological and chemical testing systems for quality control in the polymer & petrochemical industries and supplies customized and complete solutions of laboratories and on-line control.

    With a highly expert and innovative team of development and production engineers, OCS supplies state of the art technology and know-how worldwide. Leading manufacturers in the petrochemicals and polymer industries benefit from these features
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    “We offer competent solutions for a large number of measurement applications in many different industrial sectors. Our expert know-how covers a broad spectrum in the area of flow measurement, density measurement and level metering, including the commissioning, securing and conformity assessment of the measurement system, according to the Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC (MID, former national initial calibration). Nowadays tasks are getting increasingly complex and their solution goes far beyond the function of individual components. The ongoing automation and increasing integration of application processes leads to a complexity, which is successfully solved by the Engineering, Measurement and Service Divisions of the Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik Group.

    Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik supports you with solutions for individual measuring points as well as by consulting, designing and commissioning of measuring systems for the transfer of gases and liquids in pipelines, loading and metering operations. The design and construction of test and calibration equipment is one of the core competencies of the Engineering Division of Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik.

    Our customers additionally benefit from the professional after-sales service of our group, e.g. calibration and commissioning.”

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